Belgium Beers

It wasn’t exactly a “Beer Tour”, but it was fun to try several new (and some familiar) beers that I don’t see much of in the US.


The Trappist Rochefort 10 was probably my favorite. The “10” is the alcohol content, so maybe it’s everyone’s favorite by the time they’re done. But I genuinely enjoyed it from the beginning.  Rochfort-10


And the Westmalle Triple was probably #2. It’s very Belgian, in that it’s much sweeter than typical American beers – or any others that I’m familiar with, for that matter, but it had enough hints of hops that I liked it.Westmalle-triple

This was not so much for the beer – though it was reasonable – but for the drinking partner and the fact that the Delirium has 27 beers on tap upstairs and “3000” different bottled beers downstairs. Articles I’ve read about the place say they maintain at “least one beer for every year in the Christian calendar.” so whether it’s 2014 or 3000, it’s really impressive.

Nonetheless, I ordered their IPA, and it was still Belgian: Sweet, thought it had more hops than anything else I’d tried thus far. Delerium ramee

Stella is a good g0-to pils. I’m familiar with it, and it’s easy, and while it’s light and not hoppy, it’s also much less sweet than typical Belgian beers. Leffe is simlar.

leffe-stella Grimbergen

NOT what I would traditionally call an IPA, but hey, they know beer here, so maybe *I’m* wrong. Prearis-IPA

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